Services & Rates

Relax Massage


30 min: $40     60 min: $80       90 min: $100

Our customized blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Techniques help you relax and reduce everyday stress. Each service includes different massage modalities unique for the client.

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Pre-Natal Available 

Rehab Massage

30 min:  $50    45 min:  $60       60 min:  $90     90 min:  $110

Do you have aching and contracted muscles with referral pain to the head, neck, shoulders and arms?  Do you need better range of motion and recovery from fitness activities?  You could benefit from TRIGGER POINT THERAPY.


Aroma Explosion                    60 min $92              90 min $126

Paraffin Back Treatment      60 min  $92             ADD to Massage:  $10

Cocoa Shea Butter Wrap       30 min  $56

Hand, Feet, Neck or Shoulders Extra 

                                                       15 min $24    30 min $52

Discount Plans

60 minutes: $68.00

A.  Are you looking for stress-reduction, relaxation, meditation or pain and injury prevention?       The Pre-Pay Monthly is our best deal and is for your well-being.

One Hour Massage - $68.00     Regular $80.00

Pre-pay for each monthly massage and the rate is $68.00 per massage.  You may book more than one massage in a month.  Family members may share this plan.

No Commitment, No Penalty to Stop and You Can Stop Anytime


B.  Are you suffering from pain?  Specifically, pain radiating to your head, neck, shoulders or eyes?  Very tight muscles can form trigger points and send pain away from the target muscles.  

Trigger Point Massage Sessions can alleviate the pain and identify the muscles causing your pain.  At home solutions are suggested to prevent the pain or help you alleviate the pain at home.

Two sessions for $160.00   Regular $180.00

Sessions must be within 1 - 3 weeks of each other.  More sessions can be added at this rate as long as they are with 2 weeks of each other.

C.  Training for a race or tri-athlon?

Weekly massages can stretch your muscles and help improve training.

Call for details and price.